What causes tooth decay?

If you want to have good teeth, you need to know what causes tooth decay. Read on to discover what causes tooth decay and how you can avoid it.
Your mouth is full of bacteria. Don’t worry, they’re harmless for the most part so long as you keep a good dental hygiene routine. These bacteria form a film on the teeth called plaque. If you haven’t brushed in a while you might be able to feel it with your tongue. When you eat, the sugar and carbohydrates from your food are used by bacteria on your teeth to produce acid. As dental plaque builds up, more and more acid is produced. This acid then breaks down the enamel on the surface of the tooth. Initially, this causes yellowing as the white enamel is broken down to reveal brown dentine. Eventually, the bacteria reach the dentine, breaking it down and causing issues such as cavities.
Now things start to get nasty. Unless you get it treated, bacteria will enter the pulp- the part of the tooth where the nerves and blood vessels are. Here, the bacteria can attack the nerves, causing quite a lot of pain. If you still think nothing’s wrong and carry on as normal, an abscess may form, putting you in even more pain.
So, want to avoid yellow teeth and a considerable amount of pain? Make sure you have good oral hygiene and use TINT Instant Bright Teeth to protect your teeth against sugar acid.

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