What to do after your teeth whitening

What to do after your teeth whitening

Getting your teeth whitened by a dentist is a hefty investment and you don’t want to ruin it during the sensitive time afterwards. This guide will help you to maintain that white smile whilst your teeth are recovering from the treatment.


First up, food. It is recommended that for 48 hours after your treatment, you should follow the “white diet”. That is, you should eat foods that are either white or clear to avoid any staining of your teeth. You should also avoid acidic foods, dairy, and food containing wheat. Otherwise, a basic rule of thumb is to avoid anything that would stain your clothes.

Oral Hygiene

Do not brush your teeth for a few hours after your treatment and only use white toothpaste to prevent any colours staining your teeth. Although usually recommended, you should also not use mouthwash during the period after your whitening treatment to avoid any stains.

Further into the future, there are a number of good oral hygiene habits that you should pick up in order to maintain your white smile. You can find these in our oral hygiene guide here: Top Nine Dental Hygiene Tips.

TINT Bright Teeth

We would also recommend that you use TINT Bright Teeth to help avoid stains on your teeth. TINT Bright Teeth works in a similar way to nail polish by providing a clear coating on your teeth that helps to protect them from damage and stains- something that is vital for you just after your treatment. It also uses no peroxide, meaning it is safe for your teeth, and dries in 60 seconds for that instant protection. Get some here.


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